My book, Relative Crude, is now available on both Nook and Kindle.

Please tell your friends.

Until next time…………………………….

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It’ SO great to have Support!

This past weekend the family went to the city (remember, those that follow me know I live in a small town).  I took some advertising material for my published book with me.  As I kept the grandchildren entertained, my husband walked around the malls and placed postcards advertising my novel on the windshields of cars.  He was happy to do it.  It’s great to have that support.

I don’t think a married writer can succeed without family support.  My husband has told me that he doesn’t care if I get famous, just rich!  I, of course, tell him that in the art of writing, to be successful, a writer has to be known.  That’s one of my drives–get my name out there so that the next book will be more recognizable.  I hope!  I hope!  I hope!


Until next time………………….

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I wish I would have had the time when my book first was published.  Being able to market it better.  I have re-launched Relative Crude.  I know.  I know. You’re tired of hearing that.  But, it’s importantThose of you that read my blog and are new writers need to know this.

With the wave of the future being in eBooks, that should be your first stop.  It’s very easy to get on the Nook and Kindle.  I just finished doing that.  It wasn’t all that expensive and the exposure is great!

You will hear and read that your first book isn’t about finances.  It’s about exposure.  So…. Get the exposure any way you can.

I just got my book in the local book store.  It’s probably not going to make any money, but again…. Exposure!!!

I also am getting postcards made with the picture of my book on the front–exposure.

I’ve advertised on a couple of blogs–exposure.

So, this is for the novice writers, self-published writers and about to be published writers–EXPOSURE!!!!!!!


until next time……………………..

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Let me start by doing an ad for MAC.  My Mac Pro went on the fritz and I didn’t have the money for a new one, so I went back to a PC…. Don’t ever go back to a PC.  I have had more issues with this computer than I can even (or want to) count!  Those that have NOT used a MAC— You don’t know what you’re missing.  Enough with the ads!

I continue to edit my book, Distortions.  I am also marketing Relative Crude.  I am finding as many ways as possible to get my book to the public–Postcards, eBook with Barnes and Noble, nursing blogs, and word of mouth.  If anyone who keeps up with my blog can think of other ways-PLEASE!

Until next time………………………..


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For some it’s just another day, but for me, it’s a new day with the prospect of improving my novel.  Terri Valentine, author, is my instructor and she gave me some things to really think about while editing my assignment.




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Writing is……..

As I sit here, reading and re-reading my critique on my second assignment, I realize that writing is so many things for me. It’s an escape. It’s an adventure. It’s fun. But, it’s also work. I am very grateful that someone with experience is reading my story and giving me good feedback—really I am. I just wish that I was as good as I think I am sometimes. Wow, wouldn’t that be exciting.
Distortions is a good story and I hope I can find an agent that agrees. I am taking another writing class to help me with the showing not telling. You never know how frustrating it is when you think you have something down and you really don’t!

This post sounds kinda depressing… I really am not, just want to be a better writer each day and I hope I’m getting there……


Until next time………………..

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Wow! Time goes fast…….

I finally got a message from my instructor at WD that she has my assignment.  I can’t wait until I get her edits back.  I did get some comments from fellow students.  I truly like to read what classmates say, but I’m confused.

It seems like they want a detailed description of locales, people, etc.  I feel that if they can put their own ideas of face, bar, etc., it makes it more personal to them.  Am I entirely wrong??  For instance, I have given the reader an idea of what different characters look like–brown hair with soft curls, blond with green eyes, etc.  Should I be giving more of a description?  In one of my readings, the instructor said that an image of a character can be whatever the reader sees..

For example.  When I read the James Patterson books about Alex Cross, I didn’t need to know every little thing about him.  I had an image, In fact, that’s why I thought in the movies that Denzel Washington would have been a better person for the role….. younger….

Anyway, I’ll wait until the professional gets back with me to see if I’m totally wrong with my assessment.


Until next time……………

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