Good Morning

Well, I have finished my Advanced Novel Writing class.  It was very good and educational.  I thought I knew what show not tell was…. but Terri Valentine, author, taught me I wasn’t as good as I thought I was.  LOL.  Distortions is done….. editing is close to done….. and now the business of writing begins in earnest.  it can be fun and I hope to make it fun.

On a personal note.  in the near future I will be moving to the Midwest.  I will continue my writing but I am going back to nursing PRN for extra money.  Just like Eden in Relative Crude and the new Relative Justice, I have to fall back on nursing for awhile.

It’s good and a new adventure.

Until next time……………………………

About Alida Chaney

I am a writer who is also an RN. I have retired from nursing and plan on spending my time writing. I have finished another mystery novel and am working on a sequel to my published book, Relative Crude
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