A decision.

To everyone who has taken a peek at my blog, thank you and I appreciate your following me, but…..I have to make a decision that is right for me and my family.

I have 2 of the most beautiful granddaughters in the world.  They are living with me right now.  I need to spend my time with them.  Well, that, and when I tried to write, the 4 year old always wanted to help me…. Ahhhhh, that sure doesn’t work.

I guess when you look at priorities, I realize that writing isn’t number one.  The family is!

I hope that I can figure out a way to be a good grandma and a dedicated writer at the same time.  I haven’t done that yet.

So, as I sign off today……… I hope it isn’t a long time.

Until next time…………

About Alida Chaney

I am a writer who is also an RN. I have retired from nursing and plan on spending my time writing. I have finished another mystery novel and am working on a sequel to my published book, Relative Crude
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2 Responses to A decision.

  1. Diane says:

    Maybe when school starts back up?

  2. Adrienne Bresler says:

    Writers are plentiful and parenting is the one job in which you are not an inter-changeable part. I applaud your decision…and those girls will be independent before you know it. Heck, take notes and write, someday, about doing it all again.

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