Hello Out There

I feel like a new woman!  I have no responsibilities at the hospital ANYMORE.

I will be taking the class that is “Getting Your Novel Written in 6 Weeks.”  Can’t wait!

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs by writers and have heeded their advice of getting the my blog out there.  You will be seeing more of my writing philosophy, my opinions on how to write what you feel and

I think I will be putting my op-ed pieces here.  It will give people who don’t know me a feel for how I think and process ideas.

Until Next Time………

About Alida Chaney

I am a writer who is also an RN. I have retired from nursing and plan on spending my time writing. I have finished another mystery novel and am working on a sequel to my published book, Relative Crude
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One Response to Hello Out There

  1. Diane Bergmann says:

    I thought your last day was the 29th?? You get back there!!! I am so jealous I could just spit. I am convinced that there is a conspiracy to work me to death. How long have I been paranoid??? Ever since I found out that they were out to get me!!!

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