Writing is my Future!

I have had a great week when it comes to my first book.  4 people whom I work with have asked how to get my book, Relative Crude.  It really makes me feel good.  One of my co-workers stopped me on Thursday to tell me her grandmother read the book in 2 days—she loved it.  WOW!!

This kind of feedback drives me to accelerate my working on book 2, Relative Justice.

It’s Saturday, 24 more working days before retirement and 33 more total days.  It’s coming!!  I’m officially getting short-termers.  I have supper with Jen on Wednesday.  I’m hoping we can work on something for me to work part-time for her.  I plan on taking 2 weeks off before starting my part time job.

Can you tell…… my mind is going 90 miles a minute.

Until next time……..

About Alida Chaney

I am a writer who is also an RN. I have retired from nursing and plan on spending my time writing. I have finished another mystery novel and am working on a sequel to my published book, Relative Crude
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One Response to Writing is my Future!

  1. Connie says:

    Alida, I am waiting for my copy of Relative Crude to arrive so I can finally read the book that you have been working on ever since I’ve known you. So excited for your retirement. Any plans to come visit the Dallas area? Would love to see you. Enjoy your retirement. You most certainly have earned it!

    Connie Kneupper, RN
    Still in ICU at St. Paul! Go figure!

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